The Plot Doc helped me turn my idea into an award-winning novel. An invaluable investment.

G.G. Wynter, Author, Multicultural Romance, Maggie Finalist

The Plot Doc gave me exactly what I needed for my novel The Invention of Colors, with a critique that found problems I didn’t see, leading to dramatic improvements in the book. The critique was thorough and thought-provoking, and it helped me better develop my characters and fix some plot issues. I’m positive I have a better book because of The Plot Doc, and I feel more ready to approach agents and publishers. I’m really glad I had this help.

David Hutto, Author, Literary Fiction

The Plot Doc asked all the right questions. Was my story engaging? Did my characters come to life? Was my plot tight? Was my dialogue natural? Every aspect of my manuscript, How Speleology Saved My Sex Drive, was covered, and I incorporated almost all suggestions. I’m particularly grateful The Plot Doc didn’t just point out problems, but also provided recommendations – sometimes more than one alternative – on how to address them. The feedback was constructive, timely, and comprehensive. The opportunity to then discuss recommendations was a tremendous help.

Michael Bernhart, Author, Philosophical Thrillers

The Plot Doc provided invaluable advice for my Young Adult novel, and helped me improve my book summaries for my Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance novels.

D Sean, Author, Romance, Young Adult