An Agent-Landing Query Letter


Here is my query letter that has landed me one offer for representation, one revise and resubmit, nine FULL manuscript requests and four partial requests out of 15 submissions:

Dear Agent,

I saw from your website that you’re seeking Women’s Fiction. WINGMOM is an 83,000 word commercial Women’s Fiction novel with strong comedic and romantic elements. Think a Janet Evanovich story in the voice of Bridget Jones’s Diary.

After discovering a secret burner phone, Sophie’s perfect life in San Francisco unravels like a cheap sweater. Sophie learns a beauty queen bimbo has snagged her promotion and fiancé. And that’s just the beginning.

Hanging on by a thread, Sophie teams up with her nutcase detective mother, Skye. Not an easy task: Sophie’s had it with Skye after a lifetime of humiliation. After working undercover, Skye blemished Sophie’s professional reputation by crashing a company party dressed as a dominatrix.

Together, Sophie’s business savvy and Skye’s street smarts might be a stroke of magic, or a curse. They could get killed, assuming they don’t kill each other first. When Sophie gets close to Lucas, her sexy workplace adversary, she realizes he’s either “the one,” or the one trying to kill her.

A desperate journey to prove her innocence teaches Sophie something greater than anything learned on the job: her mother’s crazy, but crazy like a fox. Some need a wingman, but for Sophie, finding safety, true love and herself may take nothing short of her wacky wingmom.

WINGMOM is a Maggie Award finalist for 2016, the first 250 words of the novel won the Pitch Madness contest out of thousands of entries, and the first nineteen pages won three Atlanta Writer’s “Best Manuscript” awards. I have editors from publishing houses including St. Martin’s Press, Harper Collins and Random House that have requested the full manuscript.

I was a senior writer for the YMCA and featured author on Yahoo! Healthy Living. I have written for humorous websites, professional blogs and have been a ghostwriter for CEO’s of several technology companies. I’ve won awards on my nationwide advertising campaigns. I also have an MBA from Arizona State University.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Terra Weiss

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