For over four years, I've been helping writers craft their novels and heading up several writer's groups. Some of these authors have gone on to win awards and land contracts with big five publishers.

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With query letter and synopsis writing seminars, I've mentored many to win "Best Pitch" and "Best Manuscript: awards at conferences.

I've been offered representation for my multi-award winning novel, Wingmom. It's not out yet, but it's coming soon! Stay tuned at www.TerraWeissWrites.com.

With over ten years of professional writing experience, I've been a senior writer for the YMCA and featured author on Yahoo! Healthy Living. I have written for humorous websites, professional blogs and have been a ghostwriter for CEO’s of several technology companies. I’ve won awards on my nationwide advertising campaigns. I also have an MBA from Arizona State University. See my professional portfolio at www.TerraWeiss.com.

Right now, I'm editing:

~ Romance
~ Romantic Suspense
~ Women's Fiction
~ Romantic Comedies
~ New Adult
~ Thrillers
~ Crime Fiction
~ Literary Fiction
~ Adventure
~ Cozy Mysteries
~ Young Adult

When I'm not writing, you'll usually find me with my spunky five-year-old daughter, mad scientist husband, crazy like fox mother and/or two wildly demanding eight-pound dogs that run our house. Hobbies include jogging at a snail's pace and reading at every spare moment from my phone.