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  • For over four years, I've been helping writers craft their novels and heading up several writer's groups. Some of these authors have gone on to win awards and land contracts with big five publishers. Testimonials. With query letter and synopsis writing seminars, I've mentored many to win "Best Pitch" and "Best Manuscript" awards…
  • Why Do I Need The Plot Doc?

    ~ 0.2% of authors get published. Not a journey to travel alone. ~ Manuscript Critique: An unbiased, professional review of your manuscript is a critical step in getting it commercial-ready. With a variety of experience and a knack for catching big picture issues, I've helped numerous authors win awards and land publishing contracts with big…

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  • Everyone Needs An Editor

    The same way world-class athletes need coaches, even New York Times bestselling authors need editors. Stephen King and J.K. Rowling have them. It's part of the human psyche: we're too close to our own writing to see it objectively. But there are some other critical reasons why authors, especially debut…

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  • Checklist: Does My Manuscript Suck?

    This isn't personal. Empirically, there are certain things everyone must do to get their manuscripts to the point where they don't suck. Hint: it's not a short or easy process, otherwise everyone would have a best-selling novel out there. Truth. Now that we have that out of the way, check this list to…

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